Blackbook Horses To Follow

Available on racing in Australia and New Zealand, gives punters blackbooked runners and the ability to add horses to their stable and whenever that horse is due to run.

Missing out on backing your favourite horses isn’t something any punter wants to endure but we save time searching through race after race to find your runners. Black Book does all the work so punters can sit back and enjoy race day.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to back a runner that you had labelled “a good thing next-up" or simply not knowing it was running, but with using a Blackbook it takes fate out of the equation. 

Even professional punters use a Black Book to keep track of their favoured runners and punters can simply add or delete runners from their stable.

Blackbook Horses

Get free tips and info on horses to follow, trainers and jockey who are in form and the best selections for upcoming feature meetings. It’s all the information you need in one place.

We use our state-of-the-art technology to gather data on any horse, trainer or jockey that you choose. We then send a notification with all the race details, odds and betting information.

How to run your own Blackbook

Sign up to our service and the let magic happen. Our database features every Australasian runner and all you need to do is select your horse to add that runner to your Black Book.

There is no limit on how many runners you can add to your Black Book and hopefully you’ll never miss out of that certain winner ever again. Punters can also add in trainers and jockeys to their black book. We know punters love to follow certain jockeys and stables, so it pays to know when they have a runner going. FAQs

What is a Blackbook?

A Blackbook is an information gathering service which allows punters to select runners, jockeys and trainers and keep them in a system. We then use our Blackbook AI to send out notifications when your runner is entered in a race, your jockey is riding or when your trainer has a runner accepted.

How to download a Blackbook App’s Blackbook app is more powerful than the Racenet Blackbook, TAB Blackbook, Ladbrokes Blackbook, and Neds Blackbook. We use the latest technology to ensure your Blackbook runs smoothly.