Bookmaker Codes

Just like you, we’re constantly on the lookout for codes that can be used when signing up with a new betting site for the first time.

These codes can be valuable in the long run, even if they can no longer be used to unlock welcome bonuses of any kind after a change in Australian legislation.

This certainly doesn’t mean they’re not useful anymore, though.

Codes can be used to speed up the registration, improve your overall betting experience and more, so explore this page anytime and grab yourself a referral code to take with you to your new online betting destination.

Where To Find Bookmaker Codes

Codes can usually be found advertised by bookies themselves, however, finding them this way means having to actively search for bookies one at a time to see if there is one available.

Instead, the straightforward solution is to simply pay us a visit each time you plan to find a new betting site, where you can discover all the newest betting sites, learn all there is to know about them thanks to our review, and then simply copy the latest code which will be readily available.

By coming back to us each time, you can keep track of the sites you’ve already registered with and the codes you’ve already used. You’ll also get the most accurate information about each site’s respective codes and how to use them.

How To Use Bookmaker Codes

When it comes to redeeming bookmaker codes, there is no universal system in place across all of Australia's online bookies, whether you're on desktop or a mobile device.

However, there are certain widely used approaches, such as entering them at registration or before making a first deposit.

The most common way is to enter the code at the time of registration in an area dubbed "Enter promo code (if you have one)" or something similar.

If you can't enter it until you make a deposit, for example, you should double-check how long you have left before you lose the chance, as time restraints are pretty common.

In addition to the information on each bookmaker's code and appraisals of various betting sites, this site also has guidelines on how to redeem each coupon, so you'll never find yourself lost in the process.

Bookmaker Code Terms & Conditions

There will always be some terms and conditions attached to these codes and failing to adhere to them could complicate your registration process.

Common terms and conditions for codes include time limits, account age restrictions, eligible payment methods and all of the site’s general terms of use. We’d list them all if we could but they differ from site to site and are always subject to change.

All we can do is urge you to check with each site before you begin the signup process.

Sign-Up Bonuses

Unfortunately, sign-up bonuses are now a thing of the past in Australia.

In late 2022, Australian legislation was changed and, as a result, bookies are no longer allowed to offer any kind of incentive to potential customers in return for signing up.

Bookies used to offer no-deposit bonuses, matched-deposit bonuses, free bets and more in exchange for new customers creating accounts and making a first deposit if necessary.

Many of these kinds of promotions can still be found on Australian betting sites but you won’t be able to see exactly what is on offer until after you’ve registered.

Bookmaker Promotions

As we just mentioned, promotions like free bets, boosted odds and more can still be found listed under the offers within the Promotions sections of most betting sites - they just can’t be awarded in return for registration.

When the law was passed to ban offering incentives, the ability for us to list which promotions are available was also removed, so the only way to find out which promotions are being offered is by creating an account.

Within each of our bookmaker reviews, we will still include a section dedicated to promotions but instead of detailing them, we’ll simply give you a general overview of how generous that bookie is when it comes to offering promos and keeping your betting balances alive.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

Just like how bookmaker codes come tied to a variety of terms and conditions, the promotions you find on each site after you create an account will also have terms and conditions attached.

And, just like with those code terms, promotional terms are also subject to change, so there’s little point in us listing them here for you to read. Instead, check them out under each promotion listed on the site in question.

Common terms and conditions for regular promotions include minimum stakes, minimum selections, restricted markets, restricted payment methods, minimum odds, wagering requirements and time restraints.

Bookmaker Code FAQs

What Are Bookmaker Codes For?

Bookmaker codes can be used to streamline the registration process and improve the overall initial experience at a new betting site.

Why Can’t I Find Any Sign-Up Bonuses?

Because of a change in Australian law, sign-up bonuses can no longer be offered in exchange for account creation.

Why Can’t I See A Bookmaker’s Promos?

As part of the change in Aussie law, potential customers are now unable to see which promotions are on offer until after they’ve registered an account.

How Do I Use A Bookmaker Code?

How you use a bookmaker code depends on the code in question but usually involves you entering them during the registration process when you create an account with a bookie for the first time.

What’s The Best Bookmaker Code?

We make sure we list all of the latest bookmaker codes to ensure your sign-up process is as quick and straightforward as possible.

What Kind Of Bonuses Might I Find After I’ve Registered?

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to the site’s Promotions section, where you’ll often find bonuses like free bets, enhanced odds and various other specials.