Australian Payment Methods 2024: Cash In

It’s been a little while now since Australian punters have had to rely on cold cash to place bets. There are so many electronic payment methods available now that are simply so much more convenient.

However, cash has several benefits over these contemporary payment systems, especially when one considers the absence of privacy and fraud concerns.

However, many bookmakers do still take cash, and we'll tell you which ones they are here, along with a comparison to some of the alternatives that have arisen as a result of the internet age.

About Cash In

The methods available to withdraw funds and fund an account with a bookmaker might change depending on who you bet with. If you are restricted in the types of deposit and withdrawal options available to you, this may influence your choice of betting site.

Many gamblers continue to choose traditional betting methods since they are quicker and more convenient than electronic withdrawals.

You might find that only a small subset of gambling sites truly allow cash deposits, though, and that those that do often charge a fee for doing so.

Vouchers and pre-paid cards are the most frequent means through which cash consumers may transform their cash into an electronic form. 

However, there are bookmakers who have created arrangements for punters who prefer dealing with cash exclusively.

Why Use Cash In?

It might be challenging to adapt to today's technological landscape if using cash is just more comfortable for you. Prepaid vouchers and cards are two practical and inexpensive alternatives to cash that may be used in the same ways.

Advantages of cash over electronic payment methods include greater control over spending, security (no one can hack your physical wallet from afar), and personal privacy (banks can't track your spending habits, which could otherwise have an adverse effect on your credit score).

Top Cash In Betting Sites

Here are our favourite cash-accepting bookies in Australia:


Picklebet, launched in 2017 and headquartered in Australia, is the most well-known Esports betting platform in the world. In addition to having some of the most committed customers, they are also one of the most well-known bookmakers in the country.

That's mostly because of the fact that their present customers can count on them for trustworthy daily guidance and esports news.

However, you need not fear; the standard sports betting and horse racing markets are also provided for.


Established in 2021, ColossalBet is a cutting-edge Australian online bookmaker with a wide variety of services, betting options, and special offers.

ColossalBet has you covered whether you're interested in horse racing betting, sports betting, or any of their other excellent offerings.

Cash In Security & Safety

It's never a good idea to go out in public with a wad of cash in your pockets as it can be lost or stolen.  If you lose or have your cash, prepaid voucher, or prepaid cash card stolen before you can deposit it into your betting account, you will not be able to get your money back.

The anonymity of cash transactions and the ability to monitor spending habits are two key factors in their safety. 

Cash has a big security advantage over online electronic payment solutions as long as you take all necessary precautions to keep it safe.

Cash In Processing Times & Fees

Manual cash deposits may incur a minor cost as a handling fee at certain online betting sites, although this price should be no more than 2% of the amount deposited.

Vouchers and pre-paid cash cards provide two potential risks: the user runs the risk of losing the voucher or cash card, and the user may incur monthly fees if the voucher or cash card has not been used. 

Typically, there are no costs associated with turning cash into a prepaid voucher or card, however, you may be required to authenticate your identity before making your first voucher purchase.

You can add money to your betting account quickly and easily using a cash card or prepaid voucher, which are both widely accessible at your usual stores.

How To Make A Deposit With Cash In

Cash In Pros & Cons

Easier to stay in control of spending.

Cannot spend more than you have.

Anonymous and untraceable.

Usually free.

Not accepted by many bookies.

Handling fees possible.

Cash is liable to loss or theft.

Limits to how much you can deposit.

Cash In Betting Site FAQs

What Is The Best Payment Method For Australian Bookies?

The best payment method for Australians to use to make deposits into their betting accounts is the one that is most fit for purpose in their circumstances. Cash could be the best payment method for you but it certainly isn’t the best for everyone.

Is It Safe To Make Payments With Cash In In Australia?

Minus the risk of loss or theft, making payments with cash is a safe way to avoid fraudulent activities and hackers.

How Long Do Cash In Payments Take To Deposit Betting Funds?

It can take some time to purchase cash vouchers from your store, but once you’ve got your voucher, the payment into your account will be immediate.